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Determining whether a side-folding or upward-coiling security grille is best for your project can be a matter of the application, opening conditions, or personal preference. Some basic design considerations are listed below. If you need additional assistance in making a selection to meet your needs, please contact us.

A side-folding security grille is often used in applications where:

  • Headroom is limited
  • There is limited or no clearance above the opening or on one side of the opening
  • The grille must follow a radius
  • The opening is extremely wide
  • Electric operation or electrically-controlled emergency egress is not necessary.

An upward-coiling security grille is ideally used in applications where:

  • Electric operation is necessary
  • Electrically-controlled emergency egress is desired
  • The grille is subjected to heavy usage (an optional high usage package is available)
  • In applications with no clearance on one or both sides of the opening.


Overhead Door Corporation’s side-folding grilles offer a reliable means of security with an extraordinary measure of style – and the shortest stacking dimension of any side-folding grille on the market. Manually-operated, these grilles are ideal in areas where headroom is limited or the grille must turn a horizontal radius. Our comprehensive line of grilles include full-closure and open-air designs in a wide range of curtain inserts, patterns and colors – for long-lasting good looks wherever a security grille is required.

The Shortest-Stacking, Lowest-Profile Side-Folding Grille Available

  • Panels fold to an average 2” (51 mm) per linear foot of curtain on standard-width models, and an average 1 1/2” (38 mm) per linear foot on wide-body models for superior compactness
  • Minimum clear pocket widths of 8” (203 mm) on standard-width models. Minimum clear pocket widths of 13” (330 mm) on wide-body models require less depth
  • Low-profile, top-mounted aluminum track requires only 1 5/8” (41 mm) headroom and 1 3/8” (35 mm) width.

Innovative Engineering Enhances Design Capabilities

  • Up to 2” (51 mm) of vertical adjustment allows for easy field correction and accommodates irregular or non-level surfaces
  • Modular construction allows customization to fit any opening width
  • Choice of standard or wide-body panels (selected models) provides alternative stacking pocket depths to suit individual applications
  • Full height, countertop, multi-level, and cut-out styles, as well as irregular wall filler panels, allow adaptation to special applications and unusual designs
  • Four stock curves (90°, 120°, 135° and 150°) with standard 14” (356 mm) radius for standard body and 22” (559 mm) radius for wide-body panels allow unique design capabilities to close odd-shaped openings or follow lease lines
  • Additionally available special curves and radii afford limitless design possibilities

A Wide Range of Options Add Versatility and Style

  • Full-closure grilles available in tempered glass, fire-retardant polycarbonate, painted perforated steel, and aluminum curtains for added security and full functionality in any application
  • Open-air grilles maximize ventilation and visual access without compromising security
  • Wide variety of side-folding grille curtain patterns and finishes, colors and styles afford design flexibility

Standard Anodized Finish and the Spectrum of Color Options

  • Standard clear, clean anodized finish on all side-folding grilles lends unsurpassed beauty and durability
  • Unlimited custom-color matching is optionally available for most side-folding grilles in anodized, Duracron® acrylic paint, or powder coat paint finishes


Overhead Door Corporation’s upward-coiling grilles provide an attractive yet functional means to secure areas where public access must be restricted. These ruggedly-constructed grilles provide security without sacrificing visual access, air circulation or light infiltration.

Available in aluminum, galvanized steel, or stainless steel curtain – and with an optional electric operator – our rolling grilles are wellsuited to most any environment and application.

Upward-Coiling Grilles: Many Options, Versatile Applications

  • Aluminum, galvanized steel or stainless steel curtain meet a wide range of project and design requirements
  • Aluminum curtain with optional fire-retardant polycarbonate panel provides full visual access, and adds protection against theft
  • Choice of straight-lattice or staggered brick pattern for added interest
  • Optional electric operator allows grille automation for 24-hour parking garages and institutional/industrial applications
  • Special high-usage package promotes long-life


For your convenience, detailed information is available for download in Adobe PDF format.

Details are provided for Upward-Coiling Series Models 670 and 671
Side-Folding Full Closure Models 675, 677, 678 and 679.
Side-Folding Open Air Models 681, 682, 683, 684 and 685.

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