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These optional garage door accessories, which complement your opener, are engineered with your convenience in mind. Each accessory features something different to help you enjoy your new Overhead Door opener or garage door system to the fullest.

Add-on garage door accessories are compatible with products that feature the CodeDodger® Rolling Code Access Security System.

Door Report™ Remote
Let's you know if you closed your garage door.

3 Button Remote
Features three push buttons to allow for easy operation.

One Button Remote
This classic one button garage door remonte is perfect for those who prefer a large, prominent button.

Wall Console
Series 2

Features a light switch and vacation lock for added security

Digital Wireless Keypad
Available in 4 colors, this lighted keypad features a flip up cover and lets you control up to 3 CodeDodger® 1 or CodeDodger® 2 garage door openers.

When objects pass through the infrared beam, the door automatically stops closing, then reverses.

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