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Garage Door Not Working

Oh no! Your garage door has suddenly stopped working! What is the meaning of this? On occasion, garage doors will suddenly just not work, and it rarely happens at a convenient time. Today, we are going to go over the most common reasons why your garage door stopped working. 


Batteries are Dead

Are you clicking your garage door opener, and nothing is happening? It may not be the garage door, but the fob that is the problem! Try replacing your fob’s batteries to see if it works. 


Photo Eye Issues

Most garage doors installed within the past 15 years have a photo-eye, an invisible beam that shoots across the bottom of the garage door to ensure that nothing is there before closing. The photo-eye protects people and equipment from getting squished. If the door is open, and won’t close, check if the photo-eye is blocked or out of alignment. 


Power Source is Disrupted

On occasion, the power source to the garage door can be disrupted. Sometimes people unplug it unintentionally, it gets knocked out of the socket on accident, or the power could simply be out! Check to make sure the power is working, then check the power source for the garage door. 


Springs Have Snapped

If a spring has snapped, you will likely hear it because it is LOUD! Springs don’t last forever and can sometimes snap before one thinks to replace them. If your spring snaps, DO NOT try to open the door as it can be exceptionally hazardous. Call your local garage door specialist to replace it. Don’t try to replace it yourself! 


Cables Disengaged

If your springs snap, your cables are likely to disengage as well. Like with the springs, if the cables fail, they can damage anything around it. If your cables are disengaged, they can be repaired by a professional at the same time as the springs. 


Limits Set Incorrectly

Your garage door has a certain level of sensitivity; when that limit is surpassed, it won’t operate properly. This is mainly found in newly installed garage doors or older doors. The limits just need to be reset, and it will work just fine. 


Track Unaligned

If your garage door track becomes unaligned, it can cause issues with the rest of your operating system. You may be able to notice this in advance if, at a certain point, you hear a rubbing sound or the garage door slows down. Misaligned garage doors can become highly dangerous, and it is vital to get them repaired quickly in order to keep your home and family safe. Again, this is a job for a professional and would be dangerous to DIY. 

Is your garage door not working? Give us a call today for an assessment. We can get your door up and working in no time so that you can continue on with your regular routine!