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Sadly, no one can predict when disaster will strike. Natural disasters can sweep through the land quickly and with devastating effects. Luckily, there are steps that you can take to protect your home or business’s garage from flood, wind, earthquake, and fire damage. 


Flooding is the most common natural disaster, affecting all parts of the country. Sadly, your garage door is a weak point in the event of a flood. Luckily, you can prevent significant damage by sealing leaks and cracks, ensuring you have proper drainage inside and outside the garage, and storing items strategically in case the flooding overwhelms the door. To devise the best preparation for your situation, it is advised to get regular garage door inspections. 


The wind is a powerful force that can wreak invisible havoc, especially in the form of a storm. You can take measures to protect your garage door, which in turn will protect your home or business from high winds. Start by having your garage door inspected if you are unaware of its specifications. You need to know what your door is capable of withstanding. Next, speak with a garage door specialist about adding a storm door or replacing an older door with a new wind-rated door. While some companies may offer to retrofit your existing garage door, the standard may not be what you need. It is best to either add a storm door or replace the old door entirely. 


It may come as a surprise that garage doors are one of your home’s weakest parts in the event of an earthquake. Due to the large opening, the garage lacks structural support in this area, which could lead to a garage collapse. It can be especially dangerous if there is a room above the garage, such as a bedroom or hang out spot that people frequent. You want to make sure that this doesn’t happen, so plan in advance! Have a registered engineer assess your garage. You may be able to add support to the side walls and redesign your garage door to create additional support. 


While homeowners can take steps to protect their homes from fires, there isn’t much one can do if the fire consumes the home. However, it is recommended by fire officials to put all vehicles in the garage in the event of a forest fire and to make sure to close the garage door once you evacuate as it could help protect your property. If you are worried about your home or business being affected by a fire, either internally or externally, you should speak with a garage door specialist about installing a fire-rated door. 


Are you ready to prepare your home or business for the worst-case scenario? Call your local garage door specialist today for an inspection and consulting. We will give you the best advice for your specific situation. Call today!