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A garage door has many moving parts to make it functional, with one of the most vital being the garage door springs. Today, we are going to explain how you can make your garage door springs last longer.


How Do the Springs Work?

There are two sets of garage door springs that lift and lower the door, torsion springs and extension springs. Torsion springs are mounted to the metal rod above the door opening, and extension springs run horizontally along the garage door. Both springs are essential components to the function of the door; they ensure that it lifts and lowers safely by absorbing the torque. 

It is critical that you regularly check your garage springs for breaks or extreme wear and tear. When a spring breaks, it is highly dangerous due to the high amount of torque being released. It can cause severe damage to items and individuals. If your garage springs look as though they are about to break, cease using the garage door and remove all individuals and pets from the garage. Immediately call a professional to remove and repair the springs. This is NOT to be done by an amateur or a DIY enthusiast. 


2 Methods to Make Your Garage Door Springs Last Longer

You can undertake two methods to ensure that your garage door springs last for as long as possible. 

First, clean them! Yup, it is as simple as that. Like all equipment, garage door springs need to be cleaned regularly. By cleaning them, you can improve their overall function and prevent future damage. When not properly cared for, garage door springs will rust. Rusting of the garage door springs will cause a lack of structural integrity, leading to a shorter lifespan and a potentially dangerous environment. To clean your springs, you can use an air hose to get rid of dust and then spray on a garage door spring lubricant. 

The second method of making your garage door springs last longer is by maintaining a proper balance. Garage door springs must be balanced to ensure that the garage door is lifting and descending evenly. One way that you can tell if your springs are off-balance is if you hear a screeching noise when the garage door is in use. If you notice that your garage door springs are unbalanced, DO NOT attempt to rebalance them yourself. Just like garage door spring repairs, it is highly dangerous, and only professionals should do this. 


Pioneer Door

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