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Are you debating whether or not it is time to get a garage door replacement? We want to ensure that your garage door is always functioning correctly and safely with style. Here are the key indicators to recognize that a garage door replacement is needed. 

It’s a Dinosaur

On average, garage doors have a lifespan of around 15 years. Depending on how frequently they are used, the environmental conditions, and other factors, the maximum age may increase or decrease. While age shouldn’t be the determining factor in a garage door replacement, it is a good indicator that your door’s operation, safety, and appearance should be evaluated. 


Operation is Failing

Nothing is meant to last forever, including your garage door. As the years pass, the technology will become obsolete, and the mechanisms will wear down. Eventually, this will cause the garage door to slow down, become noisy, or not function like it used to. This is a key indicator that you may need a garage door replacement, whether it is replacing the entire unit or just a single part. 


Safety is a Concern

One of the most important factors when determining a garage door replacement is safety. Safety comes as a two-fold. First, you want to ensure that your garage door never malfunctions to the point of harm. Garage doors are heavy pieces of machinery that could injure or kill family members, children, pets, or other individuals if the door were to come crashing down. If you are worried about a severe malfunction like this, you should have your garage door replaced immediately. 

Second, you want to make sure that your garage door is protected against criminals. Many thieves use garage doors as an access point to the home, with older model garage doors being more accessible to break into than newer models. If you have an older model garage door, you may want to consider getting it replaced or installing locking mechanisms. 


It Looks Shabby

Our garage doors are present through many life milestones, from the kids playing basketball in the driveway to them learning how to drive. As time passes, your garage door will likely get dents and scratches. In addition, housing styles will change, and the appearance of your garage door may appear outdated. Eventually, the shiny new garage you once loved will become old and shabby. At this point, you may want to consider a garage door replacement.


Looking to Sell

As we said above, if your garage door looks old and shabby, it may devalue your home. If you are looking to sell your house, a garage door replacement can add style and curb appeal; thus, possibly increasing the value of your home and earning you more money! 

Do you have any of these indicators? If you are looking for a garage door replacement, contact your local garage door installation specialist today for a quote!