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When installing a garage door for your new home, to replace an old door, or to enhance your business, you may be struggling to choose which garage door is right for you. There are six main types of garage doors, each with unique features and requirements. With this breakdown of garage door types, you can choose which one is right for you.

Sectional Garage Doors

The most popular garage door type in the USA is the sectional garage door. Sectional garage doors are made up of long panels connected with hinges. When the door opens, a motorized track pulls the door up until it is parallel with the ceiling. If you are looking for a garage door with various design styles, is easy to operate, and usually comes with a manageable price, this is the door for you! 


Slide to Side Garage Doors

Slide to side garage doors are an excellent choice for individuals who do not have the available ceiling space for a traditional garage door. The mechanics of the slide to side garage door is very similar to that of sectional garage doors. Instead of the panels being pulled to the ceiling by the motorized track, they are instead pulled to the side of the garage, where the door will rest along one wall. 


Roll Up Garage Doors

If you lack ceiling and wall space, or you are looking for a heavy-duty door, you may want to consider installing a roll up garage door. Roll up garage doors operate similarly to that of the sectional garage door, where the motorized track pulls the door into the ceiling. However, roll up garage doors consist of much smaller, 2″ to 3″, panels that get rolled up around a drum instead of the door being pulled back to cover the ceiling. This is why they are also known as coiling doors. 


Tilt Up Garage Doors

If you are not interested in paneled garage doors, a tilt up door may be the right choice for you. Tilt up garage doors are made from one solid piece of material. Instead of being pulled into the garage, tilt up doors pivot on a hinge. This means that the top half of the door will tilt into the garage, and the bottom half tilts out to the driveway. When using this door, you have to aware of the necessary clearance needed on both sides when it is in use. 


Tilt Up Retractable Garage Doors

If you like the idea of the tilt up garage door, but you want it to retract inside the garage, you will need a tilt up retractable garage door. These are more popular than the standard tilt up garage door, but they are also more expensive and harder to use. 


Side Hinged Garage Doors

If none of the above garage door types appeal to you, you should consider purchasing a side hinged garage door. These doors open like any standard double door with the two doors swinging out from the center. They come with an automation option if you would like to maintain ease of use. Side hinged garage doors are excellent for those looking for something unique that is still functional. 

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