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While many people worry about protecting the valuables inside their homes, they tend to forget about all the expensive items kept in the garage, such as leaf blowers and tools. Keeping your garage safe from thieves is just as important, which is why you should apply these garage door security tips. 


  • Keep it Closed


How many times have you been driving through a neighborhood to see garage doors wide open with no one around? You don’t know who is wandering around your community throughout the day; it may be a neighbor or a thief looking for an easy grab. When you aren’t in your garage, keep the door down for its security. 


  • Frost the Windows


Does your garage door have windows? While they are excellent for aesthetics and letting in light, it also means that your security is compromised because a thief can peer inside to see what goodies you have hidden. Don’t let them get a good view! When installing the garage door, make sure that it has frosted windows. If that isn’t an option, you can always frost them afterward with films that are available in-store or online. 


  • Monitor Your Door


Take your garage door security up a level by adding a smart garage door opener. When you install a smartphone-controlled garage door opener, you will have full control over your garage door from anywhere. While you are away, you will get notifications on your phone every time the door opens, which will allow you to notify law enforcement immediately if need be. 


  • Add a Garage Door Lock


Do you have a manual garage door? You may want to consider installing a locking handle or a locking bar. A locking handle will require a physical key to open the door, and a locking bar acts as a deadbolt for the garage door, manually sliding into place from the inside. Either of these options will make it significantly harder for thieves to sneak inside. 


  • Lights, Camera, Action!


One of the main features of being a thief is not getting caught, which gets becomes a challenge when lights and cameras are waiting for them. Lights and cameras are an excellent deterrent for thieves if appropriately used. Consider installing a motion-detecting floodlight inside and outside your garage door; if anything comes close, they will get caught in the spotlight. By adding in a camera with the light, you will be able to catch their face on film or watch what they are doing right from your smartphone. There are even solar-powered motion lights and battery-powered security cameras available, which is excellent if you don’t want to go through the trouble of wiring electricity to it. 

Call an expert today to see what security measures you can take to keep your garage, your home, and your family safe. Don’t let your garage become the next victim of a crime!